Inspiration — March 2023


I loved the combination of simplified abstract 3D and 2D shapes with smooth transitions perfectly made by Hernan.


Superfluid and smooth transitions beautifully made by Esteban Gonzalez

Eye of Creation

As Natalie said ” a short film exploring the tension between sounds and shapes “.

Kids Help Line

I really liked the simplified illustration style in this video with vibrant colors that help engage the child more.

Dream: A Visual Poem

Beautiful illustrations with brilliant color choices and smooth transitions perfectly have brought Sofie Lee‘s poems to life.

Travel Addicts

Creating short but funny stories can be really challenging, but in this video Panic‘s great team made this challenge so sweet.


Strong gradients with super strong movements really catch the viewer’s attention, don’t miss it.

Helping Hands

A funny and sweet story of graphical two hands with great sound design

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